All Black with Red Decals – 05-06′ CBR600RR Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings are amazing additions to your motorcycle. If you really love your motorcycle, consider buying a motorcycle fairing. Why? Because not only will you have protection from air resistance, you will also be doing a makeover of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle fairings can give a moto GP look on your motorcycle. If you’re not familiar with Moto GP, it is one of the major tournaments for racing motorcycles. As you can see from the Moto GP, the motorcycles used in that tournament look absolutely incredible.

You can do that by fitting your motorcycle with fairings. Today, we’re going to take a look at an all-black with red decals for the Honda 2005-2006 CBR600RR. This is a motorcycle fairing that is specifically designed for the aforementioned motorcycle brand and model.

It is surprising that Honda has the most number of motorcycle fairings. But I digress, let’s look at what the features of this motorcycle fairings are:

  • Upper Nose Fairing
  • Left & Right Side Fairings
  • Tail Fairing
  • Front Tire Hugger
  • V-Panel
  • Tank Cover
  • Black Accent Parts

As you can see from the features, this motorcycle fairing is a full fairing. What this means is that this is a kit, and it covers all of the parts of your motorcycle.

This is one of the advantages of having a motorcycle fairing. It gives a fair amount of protection against the elements, especially air resistance. When you are traveling at a very fast speed, you will experience tremendous air resistance. The motorcycle fairing somewhat mitigates this so you not only save fuel, but you also save you and your motorcycle from any damage.

These motorcycle fairings can be bought from ABS motorcycle fairings. They are a company that specializes in motorcycle fairings for all major motorcycle brands. If you buy motorcycle fairings from them, they have these promises:

  • Best Fitment in the Industry – Guaranteed.
  • Show Quality Finish
  • Fast Shipping
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Easy Installation
  • Parts Replacement Warranty
  • Includes ABS Heat Guard

They also state they use only Japanese ABS plastic, which is one of the most reliable ABS plastic manufacturers in the world. ABS plastic is a common material used in motorcycle fairings because of their durability, and you can do a custom paint job on them with no problems at all!

The All Black with Red Decals motorcycle fairings for the Honda 05-06′ CBR600RR has a lot of good reviews. Here are just some of them:

Devon: “I was surprised about the quality of motorcycle fairings. It is kind of expensive, but shipping of the fairings only took 2 days to arrive at my doorstep. This motorcycle fairings kit is absolutely amazing on my Honda motorcycle. I highly recommend this motorcycle fairing.

Ricardo: “Shipment was good, it took only a few days. When I inspected the motorcycle fairings, the items were in great condition and they really look fabulous on my bike.”

These motorcycle fairings cost $559.99.