Animal Crossing New Leaf Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Social games are really fun to play. The term “Social games” actually refers to any game that requires social interaction to advance the game’s plot.

In this article, I am going to talk about a particular game for the Nintendo 3DS that is one of the best Social games out there.

The Animal Crossing New Leaf Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a prime example of a very good social game. Now, Animal Crossing is a social game that already spawned a lot of versions. This version is for the Nintendo 3DS and it makes use of the 3DS hardware really well.

Anyway, the story of the game is simple. You play as a simple villager from another town and you just wanted to venture into another town to get produce and more knowledge about getting rich.

Upon arriving in this new town, you will then be transformed into a Mayor. The events that lead to this is quite entertaining, so I will not spoil it for you. Anyway, your task is to socialize with the town’s inhabitants like any Mayor would.

You can talk to the townsfolk, participate in any of the town’s events, and you can also take part in a lot of things such as fishing, cooking, planting, and so much more.

Every time you do something in the town, you will be awarded with some “Bells”. This is the in-game currency that allows you to purchase a lot of things; from clothes to furniture. You can even use the Bells in order to pay for the town’s loans!

Aside from the gameplay elements I mentioned, the Animal Crossing New Leaf Game for the Nintendo 3DS is also a highly-customizable game. You can pretty much customize every facet of your appearance.

If you want to look hardcore, you can don a spiked hairdo. You can also buy shirts, trousers, shoes, and whatever you think will help your Mayor character truly and uniquely you.

The Animal Crossing New Leaf Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a more extensive game than its predecessors. Since you will now be taking on the part as mayor of the city, you can pretty much do all the mayoral stuff such as doing some Public works, making ordinances, construct roads and bridges, cultivate livestock, fund education, and so much more.

The goal of the game is simple: just make your town be the best one possible. Now, why would you do this? Well, other than the fact of making sure you are the boss in the game, other players can look at your town as well.

You can go online via the Nintendo Network and your town will then be available for public viewing. You, in turn, can also visit other player’s towns if you want, and you can probably note a thing or two.

The Animal Crossing New Leaf Game for the Nintendo 3DS is an extensive and highly entertaining social game for the portable gaming console.