Why Buy the R4i Gold Card Range of Products?

Half the fun of owning a Nintendo DS is in customizing it to fit your needs and wants. This is why many people get portable storage cartridges to upload their own OS or other media to their Nintendo DS. While dramatically increasing the functionality of the Nintendo DS, many people are left wondering with what products they should buy. Being unregulated as well as almost entirely online, there is not much policing. This leads to counterfeit products being everywhere. Before you spend and possibly lose some money, consider buying the R4i Gold range of cards. Below are a few reasons why they are trusted in the industry.

1. History

The R4i gold range of cards has a long history with Nintendo DS dating back to the original handheld console. As a result, they have a longstanding relationship with the community, and a history of providing solid products. While they may not be the cheapest option available, they will be among the most reliable.

2. Frequent Updates that Keep the Card Working

The Nintendo DS is constantly changing. Let alone new releases, Nintendo is in the habit of releasing updates to its firmware on the devices. These updates can sometimes cause cards not to work. The R4i Gold range of cards is always kept up to date and working by a dedicated team. While lesser cards will quickly become outdated, the R4i gold line continues to be updated to keep it relevant to today’s gaming.

3. Supports Everything

the R4i Gold range of cards supports everything. By this, we mean that it supports the DSL, DSi, LL, and XL. Other versions of R4i Gold support the other models released by Nintendo. As a result, R4i Gold is a product that you can rely on no matter what model you have.

4. Superior Usability

When it comes to the R4i Gold, usability is key. This is reflected in how easy it is for people to install the proper software onto the card and get it working. In addition, there are user-friendly skin-able interfaces, allowing touchscreen or button operation. There are also lightness scale adjustments not ordinarily provided with the game.

Along with everything listed, the R4i Gold line of cards provides the same features as its competitors, making it an excellent and reliable card for your gaming. As a result, it is no wonder that R4i Gold is one of the leading companies in the market.