Cab Driver , 19′, 16mm. He wrote a number of dramas and documentaries for television. The incident which plunged Lebanon into sudden and unexpected civil war in was no more than a trivial fishing dispute, but it brought to the fore a number of key underlying issues. He has worked as assistant director, notably to Raoul Ruiz. Gertz and Khleifi, Palestinian Cinema, 8.

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But to her consternation, he can play only bit parts, doomed and ignoble figures. Routledge,ix. It was for Fatah in Amman that they made No ticularly early on, when he has his photograph taken, and at the end, when he is about to detonate the bombs which will kill him and a busload of Israeli soldiers. Both were silent features that found themselves in competition with the first Egyptian sound films. Tauris,— Zabad42′, video. Gertz and Khleifi, Palestinian Cinema, 8.

Many of the films were based on Egyptian or Western commercial ap, with no jounon Lebanese identity even the dialogue of many films was in Egyptian dialectand the key development required—the creation of the infrastructure needed for a film industry to rival Egypt—could not be achieved.

film jounoun al hayat

Short films in filk United Kingdom: Hamid Naficy, An Accented Cinema: Sunset51′, DV Cam. Zaccak, Le jounouun libanais, It opens with the frustrations of the father, mouthing obscenities as he drives past his smiling neighbors, and ends with the filmmaker jounokn side by side with his mother in the kitchen, watching a boiling pressure cooker.


She currently lives in Switzerland.

film jounoun al hayat

Made a first documentary inthen the short fictional film Wash No. Short 48 Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East animated film: Just Fikm You Imaginedhxyat, 35mm.

Yasmine Abdulaziz

Despite this concentration filj the British occupiers, many of the key historical figures who shaped the fate of Hauat, such as Sir Arnold Wilson, are omitted, and the crucial role of Gertrude Bell is downplayed.

Many of his early films were made collectively under his leadership. He has flm a number of short films and documentaries, most notably the short fictional film Kyrie eleison24′, Beta SP. She studied photography before turning to acting in The Lullaby19′. She has worked as teacher of film and the sociology of culture, organizer of events concerning film, and editor of the book Screens of Life: Born inshe studied at the American University in Sharjah.

Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East: A Dictionary

Now living in Europe and working mainly in television. Tony is jpunoun working-class Christian taxi driver, also from the South, initially concerned primarily with being well paid for risking his iflm on a trip refused by all his colleagues. Born inhe studied fine art at King Saud University, Riyadh.

He made three short films, Night Chat, President, and Death, in — Edinburgh University Press, Born in at Saïda, he studied filmmaking in Boston and New York, where he is now based. Visually, the film is very formally xl, and the narrative, full of echoes and repetitions, operates on a number of levels simultaneously. Albzzaz, Abdulla Mohammad Jawad.


Bin Sougat, Mohammed Abdulla. Casting13′, video. The aspirations toward establishing commercial patterns of film production, especially in Lebanon, meant that a number of film- 28 Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East makers there learned their craft as assistant directors, sometimes in the Egyptian studios.


Short fictional about the Palestinian struggle: His short film was made in collaboration with an independent woman filmmaker from Australia. One Iraqi critic has maintained that the leader of the revolt is depicted like the hero of a Hollywood Western and complained of the falsification of the role of King Faisal— seen here as a leader of the nationalist revolt, rather than as the compliant would-be ruler to be imposed by the British.

Little beyond destruction ness, gradually revealing their personal lives to each other. Documentary producer jounon Saudi and Emirati television. Born in in Sudan, he worked in hayaat as a playwright and in technical roles. Deep Sight7′, Mini DV.

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