This is also found in the classical music of Syria-Egypt and the Maghreb. Modes traditionally not included in the suites: Starting in , serious research revealed the complexity and diversity of all the musical instruments of Iraq. The popular aspect of certain interpretations enhances the interest and serves to reveal the extraordinary impact. Symposiums, congress and festivals are organised regularly.

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After a free overture, the musci generally plays a measured part which develops with an accumulation of embellishments, trillos, transpositions and modulations. The maqâm of Iraq underwent deep change in the twentieth century, mirroring the changes in society. Symphonic orchestras were created but commercial music never gave up its rights. The poetry has its corresponding melody. Some are without meaning, as in scholarly Indian or Western Medieval music.

Their art is a modal Tower of Babel that can be analysed over close to a millenium and a half, thanks to a series of treaties on acoustics, theories, practices and historical approaches.

The coffee shops where they sang were often considered meeting halls for contestations. Strict dietetics, an accepted and sought out musical therapy and a particularly expressive chironomy. A classical Arab verse is recited almost recto-tono.

The other languages are subject to ara. Musicians are no longer looked on with disgrace and musicophobia is waning. Zithers can be traced back to the ancient Mesopotamia.

Abdallah Ali and Hasan Ali al-Naqib. Abu Salim Nahum YunaSalih Shummel Shmuli and Ephraïm Bassun were the great masters of jawza joza or djozé, in dialectan extremely difficult instrument to tqrab.


The bow uses horse hair. These compositions sometimes talk of political events and the authors are excellent satirists and ironists.

Starting inserious research revealed the complexity and diversity of all the musical instruments of Iraq. We assume that the harpsichord stemmed from the qanun with the adaptation of a keyboard.

The written press keeps its readers informed of world musical events.

Princesses du chant arabe // Princesses of Arabic Song

Même si, pour accompagner son chant, le musicien a recours à son instrument, la musique arabe est impensable sans la voix du chanteur. This school brings into play classical modes, as defined by a series of indissociable elements, parts of which are found in the Syrian-Egyptian and Ottoman schools.

music arab tarab

In this analysis, the term maqam will be employed only in the Iraqi context. A silk cloth can be laid across the strings for jusic more muted, almost intimate sound.


One sings the deep bass notes sawt al-bam while the other sings in a high octave sawt al-zir. Modal pieces founded on melody formulas: Foreign poems and language were banished in a nationalistic movement. The rhythm is closely linked to the mode which is musif accompanied by a pulsation. Hijâz or Hijâz Dîwân C and R: Each mode, each utterance, has its coloring and mood, calling on synaesthesia, magic and faith, muusic a charismatic and apocalyptic framework.

The modal compositions are separated by peste from the Persian, linkquatrains and refrains.

music arab tarab

The instrument lays on the right hand thigh if the musician in right handed, or on the left hand thigh if he is left handed. They specialized in light pestes and rhythmic maqams such as the Bherzawi.


There are a large number of modulating syllables, devoid of any particular meaning other than a complaint OwehAhOuf in dialectical Arabic Ya bahO my fatherin classical Allah ya dayimGod, Oh eternalin Persian YarLovein Osmanli Eki kuzumyou are as precious as my eyes and in Hebrew Hallelujah.

Ritornellos dulab can be interpreted at the beginning of the suites or at the end of the song to recall the initial mode after modulations. Today, the maqam is mostly used in Arab and Turkish-speaking countries.

Music from far away and from long ago « AMAR Foundation for Arab Music Archiving & Research

The poets generally describe the torments of passion musicc these verses. Music from far traab and from long ago By Bernard Moussali The musical tradition of Baghdad descends from a complex Arab tradition which is influenced by a number of cultures: There are just a few women in this singing school but those who did take part excelled with their usual brio and refinement.

These are transitions during which the chorus comes in. Modes traditionally not included in the suites: A special varnish spirto damalog is used, the secret composition of which is passed down through generations.

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