The Accept header field is especially useful for indicating support of various session description formats. Responses will route through the same set of proxies traversed by the request in the reverse order. Note that the registrar and proxy server are logical roles that can be played by a single device in a network; for purposes of Rosenberg, et. It MAY use any information obtained during that processing to determine new targets. This response establishes a dialog, and therefore follows the procedures of Section

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Session Initiation Protocol June 7. Session Initiation Protocol June maintained in the proxies. Note that both the transaction corresponding to the original request and the CANCEL transaction will complete independently. This does not mean a user cannot hang up before receipt of the ACK, it just means that the software in his phone needs to maintain state for a short while in order to clean up properly. A dialog-stateful proxy, for example, MAY refuse to accept future requests with that value in the Request-URI after the dialog has terminated. In all of the above cases, the request is retried by creating a new request with the appropriate modifications. The relative order of header field rows with the same field name is important.

If the remote sequence number was not empty, but the sequence number of the request is lower than the remote sequence number, the request is out of order and MUST be rejected with a Server Internal Error response.

If applicable, the character set of the message body is indicated as part of the Content-Type header-field value. The stateless Scrupt role is needed primarily to handle unauthenticated requests for which a challenge response is issued. If the invitation is not accepted, a 3xx, 4xx, 5xx or 6xx response is sent, depending on the reason for the rejection.


Extensions MAY define other means for creating dialogs. A common ordering mechanism is to use the qvalue parameter of targets obtained from Contact header fields see Section Section 21 defines these classes and describes the individual codes.


Requests forwarded between different types of transports where the proxy’s TU must take an active role in ensuring reliable delivery on one of the transports MUST be forwarded transaction statefully.

script contactsay

Registration is another common operation in SIP. Assuming these processing states are completed without generating a response, the UAS core performs the additional processing steps: Therefore, SIP should be used in conjunction with other protocols in order to provide complete services to the users. If there are any bodies whose type indicated by the Content-Typelanguage indicated by the Content-Language or encoding indicated by the Content-Encoding are not understood, and that body part is not optional as indicated by the Content- Disposition header fieldthe UAS MUST reject the request with a Unsupported Media Type response.

Note that when requests are retried after certain Rosenberg, et.

script contactsay

Commonly, they are configured on scrpt UA by a user or service provider manually, or through some other non-SIP mechanism. This location service is then typically consulted by a proxy server that is responsible for routing requests for that domain. The From header field contains the address-of-record of the person responsible for the registration. RFC did not mandate mirroring of the Record-Route header field in a 1xx, only 2xx.

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Typically, when the user hangs up, it indicates a desire to terminate the attempt to establish a session, and to terminate any sessions already created. The only requirement is that a registrar for some domain MUST be able to read and write data to the location service, and a proxy or a redirect server for that domain MUST be capable of reading that same data.

The Reason-Phrase is intended to give a short textual description of contacstay Status-Code.

script contactsay

When the originator of the request receives the redirection, it will send a new request based on the URI s it has received. Otherwise, a new dialog in the « confirmed » state MUST be constructed using the procedures of Section The route set only is recomputed for backwards compatibility.


Session Initiation Protocol June transaction. Threat Model and Security Usage Recommendations A character string encoded according to RFCSection 2.

If it generates a request later, it assumes the role of a user agent client for the processing of that transaction. A proxy server primarily plays the role of routing, which means its job is to ensure that a request is sent to another entity « closer » to the targeted user.

If the request that initiated the dialog contained a Rosenberg, et.

The other UA responds with another session description, called the answer, which indicates which communications means are accepted, the parameters that apply to those means, and addresses for receiving media from the offerer. In all of the above cases, the request is retried by creating a new request with ecript appropriate modifications.

RFC – SIP: Session Initiation Protocol –

If the transaction for the original request still exists, the behavior of the UAS on receiving a CANCEL request depends on whether it has already sent a final response for the original request. Both request and response messages include the version of SIP in use, and follow [H3. Session Initiation Protocol June the set of proxies that need to be visited along the way present in the Route header field.

See Section 12 for details on how endpoints use the Record-Route header field values to construct Route header scri;t. These procedures separate the destination of the request present in the Request-URI from Rosenberg, et.

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